The Traditional Medicine Network was formed in 1998 to represent the interests of Traditional Healers.

Its purpose is to forge links between Traditional Healers all over the world, irrespective of their ethnic background or medical traditions, to educate the public about Traditional Healing and to foster its practise here in Australia as well as Internationally.

The Traditional Medicine Network is the only organisation within Australia which is dedicated solely to that purpose.

This site provides background information on the three main foundations of Traditional Healing in this region:

  • Traditional Healing.

The holistic wisdom medicine that was an integral part of semi-nomadic and agricultural tribal societies for eons. Its practitioners are versed in and utilise an integrated and philosophically coherent system of healing that includes psychotherapeutics, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and physical therapeutics.Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is the medical system that originated in ancient China over 6000 years ago. In its original form it represents a true wisdom medicine and although there are many Chinese medicine practitioners who still practise according to these principles, there is an increasing tendency for it to be split into separate parts, so that some practitioners practice only acupuncture and others practice only herbal medicine, and so forth. Sadly this process is causing it to lose its holistic Traditional Healing heritage.

  • Graeco-Arabic Medicine.

This medical system also originated over 6000 years ago and traveled to India, where it became known as Ayurvedic medicine and ancient Greece where it became Graeco-Arabic Medicine. Graeco-Arabic medicine spread from its original home into Europe and was its traditional medicine until about 150 years ago. It was also carried by Islam into the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, where it is known as Yunani Tibb or Unani Medicine. Many practitioners of Graeco-Arabic medicine still utilise the holistic principles of Traditional Healing.

URL : http://www.traditionalmedicine.net.au/