Philippine HerbThe Philippine Herbs and Supplements Research Database website was initially funded by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program. The site is a repository of researches on Philippine medicinal plants, as well as of studies on health supplements used in the country. It is hoped that the website will serve as a “one-stop site” for RESEARCHERS and other stakeholders with interest on Philippine herbs and supplements.

The site is currently divided under five (5) major divisions we believe will assist researchers embarking on a research topic on Philippine herbs and supplements, marked on the MAIN MENU bar as: 1) RESEARCH DATABANK; 2) RESEARCH TOOLS; 3) MONOGRAPHS & ADVISORIES; 4) BOOKS & REVIEWS; and 5) LINKS. Hovering the mouse cursor on a selected division expands it in a drop down menu selections. The categories of selections may be readjusted in future site enhancements and upgrades.

On the TOP LEFT portion of the site below the MAIN MENU bar is the site SEARCH button for searching of documents and related articles contained on the website databases corresponding to keywords entered in the space provided. 

The main section of the website is the medicinal plants research database,

RESEARCH DATABANK. It covers the whole spectrum for research and development which we have classified under the following categories: a) ethnopharmacological; b) botanical; c) pharmacognostical; d) phytochemical; e) toxicological; f) biological activity; g) pharmacophysiological; h) clinical; i) agricultural; j) pharmaceutical; k) economic and; l) socio-cultural studies. The studies may either be in the completion, on-going or proposed stages. We shall be working closely with funding agencies and researchers in the future in order to optimize the use of the latter two, on-going and proposed researches.

The RESEARCH TOOLS menu selection outlines the necessary tools a researcher will need: a) RESEARCH REFERENCES; b) SAMPLE RESEARCH PROTOCOLS & PROCEDURES; and c) DIRECTORIES. Under the research references are TECHNICAL, ETHICAL, and REGULATORY guidelines. We also included the “OTHER references” selection which is a collection of books that may be useful but are not in our library. We encourage researchers to secure or procure the references elsewhere. A hardcopy of a book or reference may be available in our library and we may provide researchers a copy upon request provided that intellectual property laws are not violated.

A DIRECTORIES section is provided for researchers who wish to directly contact key persons of INSTITUTIONS needed in the conduct of their research. To facilitate the process, a “CONTACT form” for registered users is provided, allowing logged on researchers to directly send queries by email to designated contact persons in the listed institutions. Once sent, a copy of the message will be sent to the researcher’s email address. Pertinent institution and contact person information is provided, as well as a location map to facilitate travel details to a designated institution.

Advisories for the general public, healthcare providers, media personnel, and policy makers are provided under the MONOGRAPHS & ADVISORIES subdivision. These advisories are meant to advise the targeted audience on current issues on herbs and supplements. The technical MONOGRAPHS and REGULATORY selections are also under the same subdivision, may help researchers on the technical information details and the regulatory requirements and status of herbs and supplements, respectively.

The division on BOOKS & REVIEWS lists all the available books related to the herbs and supplements, general reviews and systematic reviews, as well as, meta analysis conducted on herbs and supplements. Users may contact us here or by clicking on the “Contact Us” bar selection on the left portion of the webpage.

NEWS & FEATURES section is also provided for news updates on the herbs and supplements subject.

LINKS division is provided to assist the researcher in the quest for more information on herbs and supplements published on the world wide web. This division is classified as to LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL sites with DATABASES on herbs and supplements. Commercial websites on herbs and supplements were excluded.

There may be instances when only a bibliographic citation (modified Vancouver-style) of the research is provided. It is to notify the researcher that a research on the topic is available somewhere. Rest assured we are actively searching for the article and will upload them in this digital library.  Articles are entered by authors and editors following the editorial protocol we have devised to ensure the accuracy of the entries. Initially, the articles are unclassified and are not viewable if you are not a registered user. The 2nd line editors classify these studies according to the different categories.

NOTE: Full text articles obtained via this website under the fair use of copyrighted work section under the Philippine Republic Act #8293 should only be used for academic or research purposes. Further distribution and or reproduction of the document in print and/or electronic format is strictly prohibited.

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