About the JSP

The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy (JSP) was founded in 1947. We serve to promote research in pharmacognosy and its related fields to provide the members with the oppornities for presentations, exhchange of knowledge, and cooperation/coordinaton among relevant societies. JSP currently has over 1,400 members including regular, student, supporting, and honorary categories. The JSP’s primary scope lies in the chemical, biochemical and biological properties of medicinal natural products and their derivatives. Research topics include the search for novel medicinal sources, structure elucidation, chemotaxonomy, genetic analysis, pharmacology, and biosynthesis.
JSP is internationally active, and brings together those interested in the related fields such as oriental ‘Kampo’ medicines. We currently hold the partnership with the corresponding academic societies, KSP (The Korean Society of Pharmacognosy) and CCTCNM (The Chinese Commission of Traditional Chinese and Natural Medicines, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association) to organize the Joint Symposium on Pharmacognosy since 2005.

Url : http://jsphcg.gr.jp/