The European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) is an umbrella organisation for professional associations that represent different fields within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Each member association is made up of individual practitioners, and by January 2009 we represent approximately 9000 practitioners in 12 countries. We have been meeting regularly since 2001 and we continue to welcome new members.

What we do

Our main purpose is to promote the wider recognition and acceptance of TCM therapies by European governments and the public. We exchange views and experiences over matters of mutual interest, such as the statutory regulation of our therapies and the development of our educational programmes.

We are a reference point for consultation regarding any healthcare policy and regulation in Europe that may impact on our professions and our patients, and we offer particular expertise in all fields of TCM.

Our aims and objectives

· To exchange information

The ETCMA collectively holds a wealth of experience, which can be shared for the benefit of every member. We regularly inform each other of the latest political developments affecting TCM therapies in our respective countries and give each other updates on educational developments etc.

· To develop and promote high standards of education

The ETCMA works towards developing accreditation systems for TCM education programmes within Europe. We seek to establish minimum criteria for proficient professional practice, and also to define criteria for the practice of different TCM therapies. We would like to strengthen international academic exchanges and to assist in the development of academic collaboration with European colleges and universities.

· To lobby EU bodies and institutions

The ETCMA lobbies for the common interests of its members. We do this by seeking a voice on relevant EU committees and forums concerned with complementary therapies in order to influence healthcare policy and provision, with particular reference to TCM therapies.

· To promote research

The ETCMA wishes to see appropriate scientific research into the safety, validity, usefulness, and efficacy of TCM therapies: research that respects the integrity of TCM and helps gain its wider recognition and acceptance throughout Europe.

· To promote recognition of TCM

The ETCMA lobbies for TCM therapies provided by qualified practitioners to be included in the national health systems of European countries, and also for the coverage of TCM therapies by social and/or private insurance companies.

How to join us

We welcome applications for membership from all not-for-profit organisations that support our aims and objectives. For further information please contact us.

Mission statement

◊ EATCM is a forum for exchanging information and promoting co-operation between its members in order to establish TCM as a distinct medical modality based on high educational standards.

◊ By creating comparable accreditation systems in each member country we aim to create freedom of movement for practitioners across Europe.

◊ Access to information and political lobbying will be based on trust and open debate