by: Aviva Romm CPM RH(AHG)

Book Description :

With a unique combination of traditional and modern scientific data on herbal medicine, this comprehensive guide has the coverage you need to treat women’s health conditions with botanical medicine. Written by an experienced midwife, clinical herbalist, and MD candidate, Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health blends a clinician-sensitive and patient-centered approach to women’s health issues. Coverage of menstrual health, fertility, breast conditions, and much more makes this an essential resource for everyday practice.Expert author Aviva Romm combines her experience as a midwife, herbalist, and physician (MD expected April, 2009) for a fully integrated approach to medical and botanical interventions.Convenient organization begins with herbal medicine and then covers health conditions organized chronologically by lifecycle help you understand the relationship between herbal medicine and women’s health. Plant profiles include principle uses, clinical indications, and safety information on the 10 most commonly used botanicals for women’s health. Detailed illustrations and professional plant photographs enable you to identify herbs visually as well as by substance make-up. Specialized focus on women’s health and botanical medicine provides the specific information you need for treating women at any stage of life. Content on over 150 botanicals for over 35 different conditions make this a comprehensive resource for current, evidence-based information. Appendices on common botanical names, quick dose reference charts, adverse interactions, and botanical medicine resources offer practical information at a glance. Over 30 expert contributors with a combination of practical experience as clinicians and teachers provide a unique, clinically based perspective on botanical medicine.