Pharmacy is the branch of medical science concerned with the sources, nature, properties, preparation and use of medicinal drugs.Pharmacists are key professionals in the health care system who formulate and dispense drugs and play a central role in providing advice on the management of a patient’s medication.The pharmacist is often the first point of contact between the public and the health care system, and is increasingly called upon to give advice in matters of health and hygiene.In addition, pharmacists play a role in the discovery and development of new drugs.James Cook University was the second university in Queensland to initiate a Bachelor of Pharmacy programme with the initial student intake taking place in 1999 leading to the firstBachelor of Pharmacy degrees conferred in 2003.The students completing their Pharmacy degrees in 2008 will be the seventh class to graduate.

In 2005 Associate Professor Beverley Glass was promoted to become the Foundation Professor of Pharmacy.The Pharmacy programme was granted External Accreditation by the New Zealand and Australian Pharmacy Schools Accreditation Committee, NAPSAC, in 2006.