The plantgdb.org web resource is currently being managed as part of an NSF-funded project (IOS-1126267) to develop robust genome annotation methods, tools, and standard training sets for the plethora of plant genomes currently or soon to be sequenced. Read more about the project here.

Previously, PlantGDB was developed under NSF grants IOS-0606909 and DBI-0110254 and DBI-0321600.

Project Objectives

The scale of sequence and other data accumulation in plant genomics is outstripping our ability effectively to annotate those genomes. The goal of this project is to develop novel, highly automated, scalable, comprehensive, and accurate approaches to genome annotation to address this problem. Project deliverables include (1) software that implements the novel prediction algorithms, (2) visualization and data access portals, and (3) a cyberinfrastructure environment implementation of the developed tools for distributed computing, sharing of protocols, and analysis provenance recording. In the long run, the project seeks to explore the extent to which genomic biology can transition from a largely descriptive to a highly predictive science driven by quantitative measurements, with algorithms and computation as the domain-adapted language. Read more about project goals and approaches.


Discovery, annotation and expression analysis of arginine/serine (SR) proteins in maize using the Plant Genome Database PlantGDB. See poster P56, 2012 Maize Genetics Conference for a synopsis of progress to date.

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