The journal will provide for the rapid publication of 2-4 page reports on all aspects of natural products. The Editors will give priority to concise papers that merit urgent publication by virtue of their originality, general interest, or contribution to new developments. Reports must be complete and concise or may show the importance of a new field of research. Preliminary reports, which are incomplete or lack depth are outside of the scope of the journal. Papers that describe the development of methodology or studies that are broad in terms of their multidisciplinarity are particularly encouraged.
Manuscripts which detail routine extract pharmacology or trivial evaluation of known compounds (for example antioxidant effects of flavonoids) will not be reviewed and are outside of the scope of the journal.
Structure elucidation reports on new chemistry are particularly encouraged, however the study must have appropriate context and depth and the structure elucidation must be rigorous with full spectroscopic evaluation. Reports that just list new chemistry without any reasoning or rationale for conducting the work (for example, chemotaxonomic study, bioassay-guided fractionation) are outside of the scope of the journal.

Ethnopharmaceutical submissions must also have depth and appropriate context. The journal would particularly like to see studies on ethnobotanical preparations in terms of their phytochemistry or their pharmacological-biological evaluation. However, these studies need to put the ethnobotanical data in an appropriate context and trivial biological pharmacological assays need to be avoided. Descriptive ethnobotanical studies which list mostly well-known plants should not be submitted.