This website will provide you with multiple information including our Faculty’s history, education principles, education purpose, research areas and substance, research achievements, and research life. I hope the information provided here would enrich your understanding of our Faculty.

Currently, we hold two parallel courses, “Pharmacy” and “Pharmaceutical Science.” The former aims mainly to educate sophisticated pharmacists who will be able to adjust and correspond to the rapid sophistication and advancement of medical technologies.  The later, on the other hand, aims to educate researchers that would be able to lead in the field of pharmaceutical science and life science not only in Japan but throughout the world. “Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science” is an academic field, which focuses on substances that directly correlates to life. Hence, in order to become a pioneer in this field, a wide variety of knowledge is inevitable. Therefore, our curriculum comprehends various kinds of courses based on keywords such as basic science, medicine, pharmacy and life science. Moreover, we operate our entrance examination by not dividing the two courses. This is because we expect our students to decide for themselves their appropriation, as it would eventually become a basis for their future career.

Kanazawa University is on the process of an organizational change. We are currently under the process of changing the traditional “Faculty/Course” division to “College/School” division. Our Faculty is of no exception. Both courses regarding “Pharmacy” and “Pharmaceutical Science” in “Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences” will be transformed to “School of Pharmacy” and “School of Pharmaceutical Sciences” in “College of Medicine, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences,” respectively. In College of Medicine, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, there are two other schools, School of Medicine and School of Health Sciences. By coordinating with these Schools, we will be driving for educating a pool of more sophisticated professionals in the medical field as well as researchers. As for those students who wish to continue their studies after finishing their undergraduate courses, we will hold a system of a 4 year Ph.D. course for graduates of the School of Pharmacy, and a 2 year Master’s course followed by a 3 year Ph.D. course for graduates of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kanazawa University relocated its campus to Kakuma area in 2004. This spacious and modern facility would be a solid atmosphere for students who wish to study in pursuing a career as pharmacists who hold their own firm opinions based on scientific knowledge and/or researchers leading the field of Pharmaceutical Science and Life Science. We are proud to welcome all of you who have strong a will and mind to fulfill their dreams, as we once and still hold as a member of this Faculty.