The KNApSAcK package when installed in the user’s computer provides tool for analyzing his/her own datasets of mass spectra that are prepared according to a particular format, as well as for retrieving information on metabolites by entering the name of a metabolite, the name of an organism, molecular weight or molecular formula. A list of metabolites that are associated to a taxonomic class can be obtained by search with the taxonomic name, from which information of individual metabolites can be retrieved.

A. Execution of KNApSAcK database

From the viewpoint of using KNApSAcK, two different versions are available. (i) Web-version and (ii) Download-version.

1. Web-version

To use the web-version of KNApSAcK, get into .

2. Download-version

If and when a user wants to customize KNApSAcK to use for some purpose, Java j2sdk-1.4.2 is required to be installed in the user’s computer. First, the compressed file, is to be downloaded from Under KNApSAcK_database folder, there are two folders (spectrum data and taxonomic files), and two files (KNApSAcK.jar and knapsack.gif). User can access KNApSAcK database by clicking KNApSAcK.jar.