This site is part of a public education project created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and hosted by Truth Publishing. Its purpose is to educate and empower consumers with information they can use to prevent and even help reverse degenerative disease. There are no commercial sponsors of this site, and neither Mike Adams nor Truth Publishing was paid anything to create this site.

Nature’s foods contain powerful medicine in the form of phytonutrients, and knowing how to use those natural medicines empowers people with the information they need to be healthier, happier and free from the ravages of chronic disease.

The other sites in this project are:

  • – Covers healing foods, their nutrients and which diseases or conditions that may help.
  • – Explores the health benefits of popular supplements that don’t qualify as foods or herbs. Example: glucosamine, amino acids, propolis, etc.
  • – Lists the medicinal properties of all known nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

The data presented on these sites are cited with research references. Sources include books by Dr. James Duke, Michael T. Murray, Michael Tierra and other doctors, authors and researchers.

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