We would like to introduce you the Free International Association of Researchers on Natural Substances 09 (FIARNS09). The Association was founded by a group of Scientists from different Countries and aims to contribute for establishing scientific exchanges and collaboration among Scientists carrying out research activities in the field of Natural Substances.
In few months many Scientists of different Countries showed their interest in the Association and we hope the number of members can further increase in the next future. In the next future we would start activities such as the organization of meetings, new publications, offer news in the field of Natural substances, announcements for research funds and scholarships. In this view, please, your help will be particularly appreciated both in diffusing the Association to your Colleagues and to inform on scientific activities of possible interest for FIARNS09 members.
Please, remembering you that to be member is free, you can find information and the membership form application in our website www.fiarns09.net

Thanking for your interest,
with our best regards,
The Board

Source : ResearchGate, Topics » Plant Biology