by:  Øyvind M. Andersen, Kenneth R. Markham

Book Description :

We considered this volume timely in that the last book of this general type, TheFlavonoids — Advances in Research Since 1986 (edited by Jeffrey B.  Harborne), appeared over a decade ago. Since then, advances in the flavonoid field have been nothing short of spectacular. These advances are particularly evident in the contributed chapters that cover: the discovery of a variety of new flavonoids; the application of advanced analytical techniques; genetic manipulation of the flavonoid pathway; improved understanding of flavonoid structures and physiological functions in plants and animals; and, perhaps most importantly,the significance of flavonoids to human health.
Whilst the updating aspect of the chapters is seen as the prime contribution of this book, an effort also has been made to include a summary of previous knowledge in the field to enable the reader to place new advances in this context. Chapters 1 and 2 review the application of contemporary isolation, quantification, and spectroscopic techniques in flavonoid analysis, while Chapter 3 is devoted to molecular biology and biotechnology of flavonoid biosynthesis. Individual chapters address the flavonoids in food (Chapter 4) and wine (Chapter 5), and the impact of flavonoids and other phenolics on human health (Chapter 6 and, in part, Chapter 16). Chapter 8 reviews newly discovered flavonoid functions in plants, while Chapter 9 is the first review of flavonoid–protein interactions. Chapters 10 to 17 discuss the chemistry and distribution of the various flavonoid classes including new structures reported during 1993 to 2004. A complete listing of all known flavonoids within the various flavonoid classes are found in these later chapters and the Appendix, and to date a total of above 8150 different flavonoids has been reported.