Fitoterapia is a Journal dedicated to medicinal plants and to bioactive natural products of plant origin. It publishes original contributions in seven major areas:
1. Characterization of active ingredients of medicinal plants
2. Development of standardization method for bioactive plant extracts and natural products
3. Identification of bioactivity in plant extracts
4. Identification of targets and mechanism of activity of plant extracts
5. Production and genomic characterization of medicinal plants biomass
6. Chemistry and biochemistry of bioactive natural products of plant origin
7. Critical reviews of the historical, clinical and legal status of medicinal plants, and accounts on topical issues.
Contributions reporting the following are not normally considered for publication:
1. Activity data on crude extracts that have not been characterized by analysis of their major constituents (HPLC, NMR);
2. Unexceptional and predictable bioactivity (e.g. antioxidant properties of phenolics or antibacterial activity of essential oils);
3. Uncritical ethnopharmacological investigations, where a list of plants and their use are simply recorded.
The following immediate rejection criteria apply:
RULE 1: The manuscript does not fall into any of the areas of interest of the Journal;
RULE 2: The manuscript is too preliminary, reporting e.g. activity data without comparison to a reference, or without a positive control;
RULE 3: The botanical source is not clearly identified, authenticated, and documented (voucher);
RULE 4: Bioactivity is not relevant to in vivo situations.
The journal encourages Authors to enhance the description of their methodological procedures by submitting accompanying multimedia files (video or animation sequences). These files are to be submitted as supplementary material, see below.
The journal publishes supplements, podcasts and webinars. For sponsorship opportunities please contact .

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