The Faculty of Pharmacy’s bachelor programme is offered by the faculty with the aim of preparing full time future health professionals in pharmacy. They are required to obtain the required education and scientific skills at the degree level before they could register with the Pharmacy Board, Ministry of Health Malaysia as professional practitioners. Accredited professional pharmacist is acknowledged as an expert in medicinal drugs thus qualifying him to administer and prepare therapeutic and controlled drug substances in the process of manufacturing, marketin
g, distribution, storing, control, administration and use for treatments.

In the programme, students are exposed to the academic aspects of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacy practices and clinical pharmacy. They also gain substantial experience in practices and skills of community pharmacy as well as pharmaceutical administration in hospitals. Aside from that, the programme also stresses on professional training as the base for creating a professional group who are efficient and with a strong sense of integrity.
Objectives of Programme
To produce graduates who are able to grasp the basis of diseases and the therapeutic approach in efforts to increase the level of excellence in pharmaceutical services as part of the integrated components of servicing the community. The graduates are trained to practice positive work ethics with high professional integrity.