Arvind Kumar Goyal, Sushil Kumar Middha, Arnab Sen

Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals 2010 1(1):40-45

Background: Antioxidants have the ability to protect organisms from damage caused by free radical-induced oxidative stress. A lot of research is being carried out worldwide directed toward finding natural antioxidants of plant origin. The antioxidant activity of the methanolic extract of Bambusa vulgaris “Vittata” (BVV) leaves is reported along with screening for photochemical constituents of the Indian, wild BVV methanolic leaf extract. Materials and Methods: The antioxidant activity was tested spectrophotometrically, measuring the ability of the plant extract to scavenge a stable DPPH• free radical and the total phenolic and flavonoid contents. Results: Preliminary studies show the presence of carbohydrates, reducing sugars, flavonoids, steroids, saponins, alkaloids, tannins, anthraquinones and glycosides. The antioxidant activity of the investigated extract has a scavenging ability of hydroxyl peroxide radicals (421.74 ± 25.61 mg/ml) and DPPH