New Second Edition!

A convenient source of information for workers in analytical chemistry, experimental biology, physics, and engineering, this Second Edition stands as a quick reference source and clear guide to specific chromatographic techniques and principles- providing a basic introduction to the science and technology of the method, as well as additional references on the theory and methodology for analysis of specific chemicals and applications in a range of industries.

This Second Edition will continue to serve as a valuable and reader-friendly reference for all practitioners of analytical techniques, as well as those who employ chromatographic methods for analysis of complex mixtures.

Throughly revised and expanded, this Second Edition offers an abundance of updated topics, applications, and key references to the recent literature…over 400 cross-referenced articles with more than 80 entirely new articles and over 250 revisions…many new discussions on emerging technologies and applications in chromatography…numerous tables and figures to illustrate and clarify technical points and applications presented in the text…and articles showcasing modern applications and instrumentation as they are in use today- presenting an introductory description of the technique, a detailed discussion of the methodology, and authoritative coverage of the instrumentation and theoretical aspects of the technology.