Traditional medicine is regarded as accumulation of the experience intellect that humans have been performed the prevention and treatment of diseases utilizing the natural providence and blessings. With a mission, Institute of Natural Medicine aims to contribute the evaluation of traditional medicine(s) scientifically using high technology that have been developed remarkably in late years, for constructing a new medical and pharmaceutical system with harmonization between the Eastern and Western medical systems, and to establishing holistic medical cares including the maintenance of natural environment. For the purpose of achieving this mission, our institute promotes the following principal subjects such as 1) the ensuring and preserving of natural medicinal resources, 2) the fundamental researches of medical and pharmaceutical sciences, and harmonization of the Eastern and Western medical systems, 3) the establishment of scientific diagnosis and medical treatment in the system of Kampo medicine, and the nurturing of people who will be engaged in Kampo medicine, 4) the foundation of a central base dispatching the information of traditional medicine researches, building up a closer connection with researchers in our institute, and performing co-operative works with domestic and international scientists.