ABOUT THE BOOK: This Dictionary provide clear and up-to-date definitions of the numerous term in a way which reflects their actual usage in current journals and texts, and have also given (where appropriate) former meanings, alternative meanings, and synonyms which from the currency of communication in modern ayurveda system of medicine.
This publication assemble a detailed, comprehensive and interlinked body of information ranging from the classical descriptive aspects of Ayurveda to current developments in related areas of pharmacology, biochemistry and other allied branches. The dictionary format is ideal for this purpose, offering a flexible, ‘modular’ approach to building up knowledge and updating specific areas of interest. This dictionary also includes English equivalents of Ayurveda clinical conditions and diseases as well as Therapeutic guide to plants, according to clinical applications.
This dictionary is first of its kind and will be serve as a practical guide and would be highly useful to the Students, Vaiday’s Hakims, Practitioners and all those who are interested/working on traditional system of medicine (Ayurveda).

AUTHOR: Ravindra Sharma | ISBN: 9788170353157 | YEAR: 2003 (First Edition) | PAGES: 419 | SIZE: 14 X 22 X 2.5 cm. | BINDING: Hard | LANGUAGE: English

Url : http://www.riddhionline.com

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