Natia Gagua, C Aubert, Valentina Vachnadze, Aliosha Bakuridze

Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals 2011 2(3):163-165

Background: It was decided to develop a reliable HPLC method coupled with ultraviolet detection for simultaneous determination of isomajdine and its metabolites in in vitro experiment. Methods: A liquid liquid extraction was used to extract the compounds from plasma. The analysis was carried out on a ZorbaxC18 column (250mmx4.6mm, 5μm). The mobile phase consisted of water (A) and acetonitril (B) (16:84, V/V) used in gradient mode: 16 (B) for 10 min, 71 (B) for 55 minute, 16 (B) 62 minutes, pumped at 1ml/min. Results: 4 metabolites have been detected and separeted. tha linearity was invetigated. Conclusion: The calibration curves showed good linearity with correlation coefficient greater that 0.996 for the analytes in the investigated range.So the HPLC method is precise, accurate and simple.