Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany was established in 1919 as the “Cathedra of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy” at pharmaceutical division of Tbilisi State University. The first chief of the cathedra was Academician I. Kutateladze (1921-1925). From 1926 the Cathedra of Pharmacognosy became an independent unit, which, as the subordinate of Pharmaceutical and Medical Institute, was managed by Prof. E. Aboll (1926-1952), Prof. V. Shotadze (1952-1962) and Prof. L. Eristavi (1962-1997). Since 1997 the cathedra has been headed by Prof. J. Kuchukhidze. From 1930, the course of botany was added to the Cathedra of Pharmacognosy, which, after organization of Pharmaceutical Institute, was rearranged into the Cathedra of Botany, and from 1953 was joined to the Cathedra of Pharmacognosy as an independent docent course. The known scientists and lecturers were performing at the Cathedra of Pharmacognosy at different times, which were: Master of Pharmacy, K. Bakhtadze, Prof. Z. Kanchaveli, Academician D. Sosnovsky, Prof. T. Kezeli, Docent B. Bakradze, Docent T. Kachukhashvili, Docent D. Kavkasidze-Virsaladze, chief lecturer N. Gavasheli, Docent L. Kvitaishvili etc.

In 2006 the Cathedra of Pharmacognosy was renamed into the Department of Pharmacognosy, and since 2009, it’s been called the Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany.