The Research Department of Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemistry comprises 19 academic staff and 7 support staff, and has a long and highly successful track record of research in Medicinal Chemistry, Molecular Neuroscience and Pharmacognosy. Chemistry is a core component of the Masters in Pharmacy professional degree with teaching across all four years of the course. Additionally, the Department offers three taught postgraduate Masters in Science courses namely Drug Discovery, Drug Discovery and Pharma Management and Pharmacognosy and a Masters by Research (MRes) in any of the research disciplines of the Department.


Funding for research comes from numerous and varied sources including the Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK (CR UK), Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR), research councils (EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC), The European Commission (EC), Alzheimers’ Research UK and also, from industrial sources (Marloes Technology and Pharminox Ltd).


Research is ordered into three Clusters: Drug Discovery (Cluster Lead: Professor Paul Fish), Neuroscience in Health and Disease (Cluster Lead: Professor Anne Stephenson) and Biodiversity and Medicines (Cluster Lead: Professor Michael Heinrich). The Department provides analytical facilities and support in the fields of NMR spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry and CHN elemental analysis. The NMR lab is equipped with two high-field instruments; a 400 MHz open access spectrometer and 500 MHz instrument with a cryoprobe. There is a range of mass spectrometers providing MALDI-TOF, LC-MS and MS/MS capabilities. In addition to the accurate mass determination of small molecules, work is carried out on polymers, peptides and proteins with studies in the area of metabolomics and proteomics.

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