This edition is a complementary extension of the fi rst edition rather than simply a revised and updated version. Thus, the majority of contributors are new, and the present aspects of bioactive natural product research were not necessarily covered in the fi rst edition. However, following in the same vein as the fi rst edition of this book, the reviewed and edited chapters of this second edition were written by international researchers representing a variety of scientifi c disciplines. Each contributor consequently approaches bioactive natural product research from a different perspective, highlighting the multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of this type of research.

Again following the ethos of the fi rst edition, contributors to this book were carefully selected to provide an integrated and cohesive treatise of bioactive natural product research, bringing their extensive experience into focus for the benefi t of the reader. The contributors to this book have critically reviewed the literature and presented research from their own laboratories that emphasize both the philosophy and rationale that has successfully directed detection and isolation of bioactive natural products. They also review and present the type and quality of structural information that can be acquired and assessed in an integrated way to provide structure assignments for bioactive natural products.

The editors worked closely with all authors to ensure that the individual chapters were amalgamated into a cohesive book that maintained its basic ethos throughout, that is, the imparting of the expertise and experience of successful bioactive natural product researchers to others already researching or planning to research the detection, isolation, and structure determination of bioactive natural products.

Steven M. Colegate

Russell J. Molyneux