Youssef A.H. Neto, Bruno A Rocha, Rodrigo N Pedroso, Marthus M.F. Neto, Fernanda B.A. Paula, Stella M.S. Duarte

Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals 2010 1(1):19-24

The role of oxidative stress as a major cause of tissue injury has been suggested and it has been demonstrated that changes in the oxidant and antioxidant mechanisms contribute largely to hepatic necrosis in these situations. However, the increased intake of foods rich in antioxidants could help minimize this damage. The aim of this present work was to evaluate the effect of coffee beverage on lipid peroxidation and markers of liver function in rats with cirrhosis induced by carbon tetrachloride. Our results demonstrated that CCl 4 is effective in the induction of liver cirrhosis and the compounds presents in coffee drink are able to decrease the hepatic lipid peroxidation induced by carbon tetrachloride, making a significant hepatoprotective effect in accordance with the liver function tests.