Mariam Meskheli, Valentina Vachnadze, Dali Berashvili, Aliosha Bakuridze

Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals 2011 2(3):154-157

Background : Phellodendron lavallei D. is one of the oldest medicinal plants and is of current interest as a natural medicine. The aim of our study was to determine the features and amount of the content of berberine, palmatine, jatrorrhizine, and magnoflorine in the overall preparation enriched by pharmacologically active alkaloids, obtained from the bark of P. lavallei, using HPLC. Materials and Methods: The chromatographic separation was carried out using a Zorbax SB-C18 column (250 × 4.6 mm, 5 μm; Waters), mobile phase MeOH 20 mL/mol and KH 2 PO 48:52 (pH 2.6). The UV detection was performed at 235 nm. Results: A good linear behavior over the investigated concentration range was observed with the value r2 > 0.9999. The amount of palmatine, jatrorrhizine, magnoflorine, and berberine in the extract was determined and the following results were achieved: berberine 7.6%, palmatine 0.77%, jatrorrhizine 0.9%, and magnoflorine 57%. Conclusion: Study results show that this method of HPLC might be used to determine alkaloids such as berberine, palmatine, jatrorrhizine, and magnoflorine in P. lavallei D .