Welcome to Arex, which stores genome-wide (Affymetrix microarray) and gene-specific (in situ, GFP-reporter, etc.) Arabidopsis spatial gene expression data. Currently, Arex only stores data from the root, but we wish to include data from other organs in the future. Use the various types of searches below to search through our database, or use the Database menu on the left to browse.

There is no need to register to browse publicly accessible data. You will need to register first, however, to be able to enter data or view restricted access data, or to be informed of future developments by email.

Please see the About page for more information about the database.

To search the AREX database, please specify what you would like to search for in the drop down menu below and then fill in as many search criteria as you wish.

URL : http://www.arexdb.org