About the journal

AoB PLANTS is an online, internationally peer reviewed open access journal publishing high quality papers on all aspects of plant biology. It is published by Oxford Journals (Oxford University Press), on behalf of the Annals of Botany Company and dedicated to providing the highest quality publishing service on a non-profit basis for the benefit of the international plant science community.


AoB PLANTS welcomes submissions on all aspects of plant biology including algae, lichen, phytoplankton and palaeobotany but not to fungi per se. Coverage extends to any micro-organism and to animals where their impact on plants is central. Papers can range from the sub-cellular to the community and embrace cells, tissues, organs, whole organisms, populations and ecosystems. Papers taking theoretical, mathematical, technical or historical approaches are welcome as are those relevant to information management and to conservation, agriculture and horticulture where they include a strong element of more basic plant science. The Journal caters for both specialised and interdisciplinary interests. The types of article published in AoB PLANTS are RESEARCH ARTICLE’; ‘POINT OF VIEW (Guide length 4000 words)’; ‘TECHNICAL ARTICLE’; REVIEW; ‘INVITED MINI-REVIEW’ (Max 6000 words) and ‘INVITED REVIEW’. From time to time virtual ‘Special Issues’ will be produced.

URL : http://aobpla.oxfordjournals.org/