Flora of ChinaThe diversity of plant species in Chinais extraordinary. With an area almost exactly that of the continental United States, China has nearly twice as many plant species, about 31,000 or one-eighth of the world’s total, versus only about 20,000 for the U.S.A. and Canada combined. This number includes about 8,000 species of medicinal and economically important plants and about 7,500 species of trees and shrubs.The Flora of China will describe and otherwise document these species. The Flora of China is a new work, being an English-language revision of the Flora Republicae Popularis Sinicae (FRPS), with taxonomy reflecting the current understanding of each group. The sequence of families is a modified Englerian system, similar to that used in FRPS; however, the circumscription of some families reflects the present understanding of the groups. All of the vascular plants of China will be covered, including brief descriptions, identification keys, essential synonymy, phenology, provincial distribution in China, brief statements on extra-Chinese distribution, and remarks regarding the circumscription of problematic taxa. (more…)