MNPS was formed as a spin off from the ASOMPS VIII activity, which was successfully held in Melaka in 1994. It was first announced during the Symposium, and Dr. J. R. Cannon was the first and only recipient of its Gold Medal Award, as a gesture of recognition for his enormous contribution to the development of natural products research in Southeast Asia. It was anticipated that it is through this society that the voice of the members can be brought forth as one, to the center-stage and to be heard by the policy makers for the sake of the advancement of its members as well as the science and technology status in the country. The science, and in particularly Chemistry in Malaysia then was at infancy. The main reason to form the society (MNPS) was to create interest and awareness in NP research among the local scientists, and use it as the foundation to developing other research areas such as organic synthesis, analytical methodology and medicinal chemistry as well as other associated sciences. At the same time MNPS encouraged multidisciplinary collaborative research among the local scientists utilizing its Annual Meetings as the platform to initiate interaction between them. (more…)