Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine was founded in July 1981. The Journal is a national academic journal charged by china Association for Science and Technology (CAST), sponsored by Chinese Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (CAIM) and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS). The editor-in-chief is Chen Ke-ji, the academician of China Academy of Sciences, the executive vice editor-in-chief is Professor Chen Wei-yang, the vice editor-in-chief is Academician Shen Zi-yin and Academician Xiao Pei-gen and the director is Doctor Li Huan-rong.

The tenet of the journal is to extend the propagandization of the national policies and to elevate academic level of TCM and integrated Chinese and Western medicine (ICWM), the guideline is aiming at advancement with consideration of universality, emphasizing particularly on clinical practice while paying attention to experimental study. The journal reports the experiences and achievements on clinical practice, scientific research, and education, elaborates thinking and methodology, introduces progress of integrative medicine both at home and abroad, and launches academic exploration in order to inherit and develop the traditional medicine, improve ICWM level, promote its modernization and serve the people for good health. The journal contains specific columns such as Commentary, Forum of Experts, Feature Articles, Clinical Articles, Experimental Work and Research, Window of Doctorate, Exchange of Experiences, Basic Field, Review, Academic Exploration, Thinking and Methodology, Case Report, English Translation on Chinese Medicine, Short Reports, Minutes of Conference, Methodology of Clinical Trial, etc. The journal pays great attention to academic guidance, reports domestic and overseas up-to-date knowledge and development of ICWM so as to promote their communication and progress on ICWM.
The honorary editor-in-chief of the journal was Professor Kuang An-kun since 1981, the editor-in-chief was Ji Zhong-pu, the president of CACMS, and Academician Chen Ke-ji since the 4th editorial board in 1991. The 7th editorial board now consists of 11 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering and 120 famous experts.
The journal has contributed a lot to the development of ICWM in China since its publication and gained general attention and favor of readers. It changed from quarterly publication to double monthly in1983, and to monthly in 1984, the text page of every issue increased from 64 pages to 80, and 96 in 2004. “Special Issue of Basic Theoretical research” (Chinese edition) has been published every year since 1988. In 1992, name of the Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine changed into the Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine.
The journal considers quality as the most important matter, the articles inside represent the highest level of ICWM at home. It has been assessed as the Chinese Statistical Resource Journal ( the Chinese Core Journal of Science and Technology ) and the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database,enrolled in the Guide to the Core Chinese Periodical (2004 edition), and included by Medline, Abstract Journal (AJ), and Chemical Abstracts (CA), as well as several domestic authoritative data bases such as the China Biological Medicine Database and Chinese Science Citation Database. Its total citation frequency and impact factor are both on the ahead of medical journals. It was honored as the National Excellent Journal of Science and Technology twice in 1992 and 1996, awarded jointly by the State Committee of Science, the Central Propagandistic Department and the State Journalism Office, awarded the first prize of Excellent Journal on Traditional Chinese Medicine twice by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995 and 1999, appraised as Double-effective Journal and listed in Chinese Journal Phalanx by State Journalism Office in 2001, and one of the Hundred Excellent Academic Journals continuously from 2001 to 2004, supported by the special fund of Academic Journal from CAST to selectively assist basic sciences and high technologies in 1998,1999, 2000, and from National Natural Science Foundation of China three times from 2003 to 2008. In 2006, the Journal was supported by the project of CAST to assit high quality academic journals.
At present, the paper inside the journal is chrome paper with multicolor printing. The local area network was established in the summer of 2003, and our own online station of the journal has been opened since 2005. The disk edition of the journal from 1981 to 2003 was published with full text in 2005, which could not only maintain the primary format but provide retrieval in full text. For international academic communication, The Journal Press cooperated with Japanese Oriental Medicine Association from 1990 to 2002 and published 3 volumes of the Journal of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine (Japanese edition); it also published the Journal of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine (Korean edition) with cooperation with Korea Yizhong Publishing House in 1993; In March 1995, supported powerfully by Hong Kong Health Care Association, the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine (English edition) started, which has published 12 volumes up to now.
The journal has become a weighty comprehensive medical journal, whose overseas subscribers involve those in USA, Germany, Korea, Japan and Singapore, etc. We would make persistent efforts to edit the journal better and better, so as to repay expectation and favor of the authors and readers.