Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, Raka Jain, Anju Dhawan, Manju Mehta

Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results 2011 2(2):91-98

Context: Pheniramine is being used harmfully in combination with opiates and benzodiazepines through injecting route. Aims: The present study is an attempt to compare the physiological and psychomotor/cognitive task performance on pheniramine and lorazepam. Settings and Design: The study used a double blind randomly allotted cross-over design. Materials and Methods: The doses of the drugs used were placebo (normal saline) – 2 ml, Pheniramine maleate – 45.5 mg, Lorazepam – 2 mg. The assessments were made at base line and then at 15 min., 120 min and 240 min. The subjects were assessed for the socio-demographic profile, drug use history, physiological parameters (pulse rate, BP, respiratory rate), and psychomotor/cognitive tasks. Statistical Analysis used : Analysis was carried out using SPSS ver 10.0. In between, drug comparisons were done using one-way ANOVA (multiple comparisons). Results: Physiological and cognitive/psychomotor tasks performance did not show any significant difference between pheniramine, lorazepam and placebo. Conclusions: The findings suggest the pheniramine and lorazepam have comparable impairment on physiological and cognitive/psychomotor task performance.