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Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science

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Plants dominate today’s biosphere. Because of their numbers, diversity, and ubiquity (on land and in water), plants are by far the most important primary producers on Earth. Through photosynthesis, plants control our atmosphere and capture the incident energy from the Sun, which provides nearly all of the chemical energy required to support the entire food chain that makes up the vast biodiversity of life on Earth.

Plants support not just the food and planetary conditions required for life, they provide a staggering array of natural products that are the basis of many of our medicinals, dyes, spices, plastics, and fine chemicals. The products of photosynthesis are also harvested to provide the fibers with which we make clothing, paper, and lumber. Photosynthesis by plants provides sources of fuel, both fossil (such as coal) and so-called biofuels (such as ethanol).

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March 25th, 2011 at 3:27 am