All about Pharmacognosy

All about Pharmacognosy

Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research

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Aims of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research

Main scientific interests of the Society and its members are in the area of horticulture, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, pharmacology, phytotherapy, basic research and related fields and include:

Horticulture of Medicinal Plants

  • breeding and cultivation of medicinal plants
  • genetic diversity of medicinal plants

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

  • identification and authentication of plant material
  • chemistry of plant constituents and natural compounds
  • development of improved and new analytical methods
  • search for new biologically active natural compounds


  • pharmacology of natural compounds and Herbal Medicinal Products (HMP)
  • mode of action and molecular targets of natural compounds
  • pharmacokinetics of natural compounds and HMP
  • use and development of assays for bioactivity of HMP and natural compounds
  • proof of efficacy of natural compounds and HMP
  • preclinical studies with natural compounds and HMP


  • rational phytotherapy with HMP
  • quality control of HMP
  • improvement of known phytomedicines and herbal medicinal products (HMP)
  • improvement in processing of HMP
  • development of new HMP
  • bioequivalence of HMP
  • clinical studies with natural compounds and HMP
  • pharmacovigilance of HMP: safety, side effects and interactions of HMP
  • regulatory affairs concerning HMP and phytotherapy
  • medicinal plant products and animal health care

Basic Research

  • cell and tissue culture
  • biogenesis and biosynthesis of natural compounds
  • biotechnology in the production of natural compounds
  • molecular biology and genetic engineering
  • metabolic engineering: manipulation and modification of metabolic pathways


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